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The Out-of-the-world-crew

We’re not your average advertising team – we’re a mix of trendsetters, tech enthusiasts, global thinkers, and risk-takers. With algorithms as our allies and a dash of daring in our DNA, we are not afraid to shatter boxes. Together, we’ll take your brand on an ambitious journey where creativity knows no limits, technology bends to our will, and pop culture infuses every pixel.

Leye Makanjuola

Bukonla Adebakin

Nkechi Alozie

Kunle Omope

Debisi Sami-Orungbe

Digital Director
Kelvin Onyeka

Kelvin Onyeka

Augustine Okwumabua

Damilola Kosoko

Petr Magny

Unoma Ibe

Paschal Oguah

The Purple Stars

The Purple Stars

We’re powered by unique human fusions that make us shine from within. Each star shines differently,  a master of their  unique skill set but collectively, we ensure we make a lasting impact on every brand we’ll work with.  We are a collection of wild thinkers who dare to shake things up because we are confident that our knowledge of data, tech and pop culture will elevate the brand of our clients. 

Where Stars are Born

If you thrive on working smart and dream of etching your name among the stars in the creative space, then, you’ve found your constellation.